A Day in the Life

At Zoe’s Premium™, we hope you look into what we’re doing and how we do it on a daily basis. We love sharing all the details that make our food the best possible food you can feed your beloved canine family member!

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Williamsburg Walk All The Way!

Can we just say one more time how much fun last Saturday’s Williamsburg Walk was? So many beasts and humans, bikes and strollers, skateboards and razor scooters, all making their way along Bedford on a day that can only be described as New York perfection. The ZP crew was out to support the neighborhood’s quirky and modern PS9 Pet Supply on North 9th. This cutie’s human gave a kindly forewarning as she opened the sample cup: “She’s a picky one… I don’t know if she’ll eat it…”

Verdict? Little girl loved her Zoe’s Premium. Chicken & Sweet Potatoes wins over yet another picky eater! Score!

P.S. Did you know Bedford Avenue is the longest street in Brooklyn? Good to know…


Friday’s Child

Sometimes our city sidewalks remind me of an Old Western. We are a stroll and stop culture here, and New York dog owners with polite and well-behaved beasts sometimes hitch them outside and within view, of course, while they enjoy a refreshment inside. This owner took a window seat at a local, stylish watering hole, but not before dressing her patient furry friend in her Friday’s best! This bitty girl is so petite, the water bowl seems to lurk just behind her like a shiny hulk, yikes!


Between Ezekiel & Amy

It was delivery day again and our last stop of the day: Our very first delivery to Greene Hill Food Coop! Isn’t chalkboard paint the greatest? It is put to remarkably effective use here at the GHFC. We hope Coop members will be as happy to have us as we are to be there! (Please note: We are between the freezers for Ezekiel brand sprouted bread and Amy’s Bread).

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