Ingredient Focus

At Zoe’s Premium, we carefully consider each ingredient that goes into our recipes. Our formulations include the perfect balance of quality ingredients and a proprietary blend of supplements.

Also, most secondary ingredients are cooked in the broth of the primary meat ingredient to create meals that entice as well as nourish your canine loved one! – so it’s perfect for those picky eaters!


Organic Raw Honey

“Raw,” Ya Say?

What does raw really mean in honey’s case, you might ask. To be more specific, it means it’s unheated, unpasteurized and unprocessed, preserving honey’s original nutritive value. Raw honey has been revered as a perfect food source since the Mesolithic. Holistic health professionals have considered raw honey nature’s multivitamin with all its active enzymes, proteins, vitamins and minerals. It also aids in digestion and has been know to boost the immune system! Great news for our creatures! Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties are just beginning to be understood by modern scientists. Also, did we mention the flavor of raw, unprocessed honey is out of the world? Its creamy, dense texture melts into an aromatic flavor bomb of highly concentrated flower nectar. Irresistible to us and to the You Know Whos. All our honey is organic and sourced in the United States and Canada.

* Organic raw honey can be found in all of Zoe’s Premium’s meals.



Millet is ancient, folks. Its origins go back to China and it’s even cited as a treasured crop in the Bible. In fact, it was a staple of our prehistoric diet.

Technically, millet isn’t even a grain, it’s a seed! When cooked, these beautiful golden beads resemble fluffy mashed potatoes with a nutty kick! Best of all, millet is easily digestible and offers a variety of trace minerals and B vitamins our critters need to stay on top of their game.

Millet is also a great source of phytonutrients, like the phytonutrients found in colorful vegetables such as kale (see our Steak & Lentils formula). They act as an antioxidant, canceling out the effects of free radicals on the body. All in all, millet is a superior food source for humans and beasts alike, and at Zoe’s Premium, we gently cook millet in house-made chicken stock for maximum nutrition and tastiness!

* Millet can be found in Zoe’s Chicken & Sweet Potatoes meal.



Ah, good ol’ kale…

We know it’s terrific for us. But hey, it’s also terrific for that certain canine someone in your life. This frilly leaf has been touted as a super food because it is stuffed with the perfect balance of nutrients such as beta carotene, calcium, vitamin K and C, not to mention lutein and zeaxanthin, two of the richest sources of phytonutrients we could find.

The nutrients in kale keep both you and your fun and furry one healthy and agile. Dogs love their meat, but a variety of dark green foods such as kale is just as important to be sure they’re getting everything they need to thrive well into old age.

* You can find kale in Zoe’s Premium’s Steak & Lentils meal.

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