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Each 7 oz. meal of Zoe’s Premium™ Real Food Dog Food is slow-cooked in its own rich broth, vacuum sealed & frozen to maintain maximum nutritive value.

Each portion goes from frozen to belly-warming in 6 minutes! Simply drop the entire packet into just-boiled water before serving or defrost in the refrigerator until ready to serve. It’s the perfect way to feed your beast a wholesome and balanced real food meal during the busy work week!

Zoe’s Premium™ is a not only a complete meal, it’s a great mixer and also an irresistible, nutritious kong filler!

When you decide to give your canine loved one Zoe’s Premium™, you have given yourself the confidence your canine loved one is savoring a wholesome, well-rounded meal made with only real food ingredients! Premium quality ingredients mean a glorious coat, increased vitality – and a maximized quality of life.

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