2 recipes including the cover. Pages 27 & 29… Read more


“There are so many different dog food manufacturers out now. What would you say are the best ingredients to look for, and the worst ones to watch out for?…” Read more


“I’ve been contemplating switching Bailey’s food, especially because dog food options have improved dramatically over the past couple of years. After reading about Zoe’s Premium, it was a contender, but I wasn’t completely sold.  Until this weekend…” Read more


“Jacob is one of the pickiest dogs I have ever met!  We are always looking for new tasty foods and treats that are up to his standards.  His ultra HD pallet detects and prefers only the finest. Some of these things include beef short ribs, smokey turkey neck, Japanese honey sponge cake…” Read more


“Who’s Your Doggy hosted their first Happy Hour for dogs Tuesday night and it was such a success that they want to make it a monthly affair.” Read more


“Sloper Nancy Liao, the founder of Zoe’s Premium, a human-grade dog food company, tells her tale of quitting her job in design and focusing on her passion, serving a balanced meal to her pup.” Read more


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“Nancy, the creator of the dog food brand, was an architect and ended up a small-batch dog food maker. Her dog was itchy. She wanted to see if changing her diet would help, so she formulated a fully-cooked, complete and balanced meal made with equal parts knowledge and passion. Voila! No more itchiness.” Read more


“Locally made in Brooklyn, Zoe’s Premium prides itself with individually packed dog food made with human-grade ingredients. That caught my eye! In scanning the ingredients I was thrilled to read there was no by-product or organ meats.” Read more