Niko has been digging into his meals for the first time. His favorite is Turkey Cassoulet. It’s really exciting to see the changes in Niko’s coat and energy levels since switching to Zoe’s.

Niko & Benjamin
– Brooklyn, NY


We love Zoe’s Premium because it is produced locally with high quality ingredients. Christie loves it because she gets to eat the same great stuff that her parents do! She is always excited for meal time when she knows she is getting Zoe’s and we are excited to feed her a meal that is as delicious as it is healthy.

Christie Brinkley & Amanda
– Brooklyn, NY


“Harlem Jones was a lifelong fan of Zoe’s Premium from the beginning. Aside from the fact that the food uses the best ingredients, there truly is a noticeable difference in Harlem’s health. Her coat is better than it’s ever been before and she appears to be more vibrant all around. With nothing changing aside from her food, I’m positive it’s because of Zoe’s Premium.”

Harlem & Wayne
– Brooklyn, NY


This is my dog, Cinnamon, patiently waiting to see if I had anymore of the Turkey Cassoulet. She loves mushrooms, pomegranates, cucumbers and many other vegetables…the folks at Zoe’s agreed that my dog is a food connoisseur! I will definitely be getting more for her…she loved it!!!

Cinnamon & Rasheeda
– Brooklyn, NY


My dog, Lulabelle is the pickiest eater I have ever encountered (she once went on a 3 day hunger strike when I switched her from wet to dry food). Only Zoe’s Premium can get her racing to her bowl and whining for her dinner. My dog truly loves this food!

Lulu & Shari
– Brooklyn, NY